When your sister is telling you she is getting married, you just know that you are not those two little girls anymore. Serious business if you ask me. Still waiting for my man to go on his knee *HINT*. Ok, for now no ring for me but my sister gave me this ‘someone special’ bracelet on her wedding day. A good replacement and totally matching with my own made bracelets for the big day.


Early in the morning (aaargghhh, I am so not a morning person) she was in hair and make-up. Transforming into an even more beautiful woman. Putting her dress on made my mom, dad and me looking at her with our mouths wide open (where is that photo??). After this day one of daddy’s little girls is a wifey! When her girlfriend came down in her dress as well, it was simply a picture perfect. One girl in a dress is already stunning, but two?

So honored to have been her witness at this special day. Signed, sealed, delivered!

Don’t you think they look like royals? Queen D and J.

I wish my sisters all the love and happiness the world has to offer. Cheers, you two ROCK!


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