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Tattoos for me are pieces of jewelry on your body. I just love it simple, small and elegant. My first one is a little heart on my little finger, as the heart is in my opinion the most beautiful and powerful sign ever.

When I was traveling around the world I was thinking about my second tattoo. It had to be something really special as a symbol for this a-ma-zing experience.

The boyfriend and I were on a beach in Vietnam, listening to some music and suddenly the artist was singing ‘the world is my home’. We looked at each other (I know, it sounds so corny) and said, this is just how it is. We changed it into ‘the world is our home’ and it became our motto and my second tattoo. To make it even more special, my love gave me the idea to translate it in four different languages of the countries (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia) we had visited. How cool hea? So I googled it and all languages were using signs instead of letters, except for Indonesia. To have it in one look and feel I had to do something different. And then I was thinking…… the place we visited first in Indonesia was Bali, a place which is really close to my heart and also the place were I was going to do the tattoo. Lucky for me the old Balinese writing is with signs, so I decided to use that. Problem solved!

As we met a lot of local people in each country I had some contact with them to translate each word (the-world-is-our-home) to make sure that the translations were correct. To get the Balinese translation was a little bit more difficult as most of the local people in Bali aren’t able to write it anymore. However, in the end the tattoo artist found an old teacher who could help me. Yeeeey!

On my birthday my love gave me the tattoo as a present and suddenly out of the blue, while I was getting the tattoo, he said: “oh WOW, I think it will look awesome.. maybe I will do it as well” (you have to know that he was NOT a fan of tattoos at all). And he did it. O MY GOD, it was the most amazing, spontaneous birthday present ever.



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