One day you wake up and you know, those simple creams from the local store are not doing their job anymore. Ok ok I’m exaggerating a bit, but you girls know what I mean, right?

I decided to visit a professional to test my skin type and asked advice on which products are good for me.
I was in the shop for an hour, testing all those amazing products. One softer than the other. The smell of those creams made me feel like buying them all. In the end, the conclusion was a dehydrated skin. Not a big surprise, as I’m -totally- not a big fan of drinking water all the time, but that’s the first thing I need to change. Going to the toilet 20 times a day nowadays, not kidding…

Then I had to decide which day/night and eye cream I was going to buy. The final decision was between products of Shiseido and Chanel. Both really nice, but I preferred the Chanel creams. The smell was in my opinion nicer and the cream felt softer on my skin. Only the price compared to the creams of Shiseido was a bit disappointing…. My gosh, do you know how many clothes I could buy for this money?

Before leaving the shop, the girl asked what kind of ritual I had for cleaning my face. Lazy as I am, I just clean it with some face wash and water. She advised me, when I will start using these high quality creams, it doesn’t make sense if you don’t clean your face in a proper way. So I ended up buying cleansing water from Chanel as well.

Buying this line of Chanel is a BIG shock for a girl’s bank account. So let’s hope for some amazing results.

What kind of creams are you using?



  1. Hello Tanja,
    First of all I wanna tell you that I really love your site.

    I’m using Dr. Hauschka.
    I’m using it now for 6 months and i really love it.
    My face is so sensitive, so no parfume, mineral oils, parabens and silicons for me.
    But, I really hope once to use Chanel.
    I think after I graduate 😉

    With love,

    1. Hi Mandy,

      How sweet. Thank you so much :-)!
      Thanks for your feedback on which cream you are using. I don’t know if I’m a big fan of this Chanel serie as my skin is really sensitive as well.. I’m wondering if I got the right advice.
      Maybe I will try yours then ;-).

      Stay tuned girl, more is coming.


  2. Hello Tanja,
    First of all I wanna tell you how I really love your site.
    It’s elegant, simple but perfect.

    I use Dr. Hauscha
    I have a very sensitive skin.
    This brand don’t use mineral oils, parabens, parfume or siliones.
    So perfect for my skin.
    Maybe if I graduate as a interior designer, I try Chanel.
    But it’s to expensive for me right now 😉

    With love,

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